SCOTT Introduces ITD ProTec Fabric Technology

Scott RC ProTec Jersey

In the pro peloton, crashes happen regularly. Most of the time, these guys know how to take a fall and walk away with only road rash. “Only road rash,” you say. Walking away with road rash will still smart, but it’s better than the typical alternative — the broken collarbone.

For over two years, SCOTT has been co-developing a fabric technology that will reduce and even eliminate road rash in those inevitable sloppy kisses with the tarmac. Their partner-in-crime has been Swiss fabric innovators, Schoeller. Together, the carbon yarns and ceramic prints of ITD ProTec technology will hopefully change cycling clothing for good. American rider, Ted King would have appreciated this fabric after abandoning The Tour de France this year due to excessive, painful and infected road rash.

Scott RC ProTec Bibshorts

Scott Sports adds:

In close cooperation with schoeller®, SCOTT developed the ITD ProTec-Technology, to provide a significantly higher abrasion resistance than regular fabrics. Inspired by the sailing industry, the knit Carbon yarns a ensure higher breakage strength, as well as an antibacterial effect. This combined with the ceramic printing on the fabric leads to high robustness and durability, even for crashes on asphalt at high speed.

See ITD ProTec in Action

Seriously, this ProTec stuff is awesome. Just watch this video and you’ll want your next kit to be so equipped.