Zipp 808 NSW Carbon Clincher is the New Fast

Zipp 808 NSW Rear Wheel

For most cyclists, every second counts. And, for Zipp engineers, every millisecond counts. The culmination of years of development and extensive R&D (real world, wind tunnels and CFD) has resulted in the all-new Zipp 808 NSW Carbon Clincher.

NSW is Zipp’s most advanced technology and the performance of the 808 NSW knocks a full 90 seconds off the already-fast 808 Firecrest wheelset over a 112 mile course at 40kmh.

Zipp’s Skunkworks lap is called NSW or “Nest Speed Weaponry.” To further explain this, here’s what they had to say about NSW:

The Zipp NSW Series is a science, a philosophy and a mission to engineer the fastest, most stable and highest performance cycling components ever realized.

Within the NSW Series, Zipp will develop and refine halo-level products with our most advanced technologies on an ongoing basis. The focus is on transforming innovative ideas into tangible gains in speed. NSW – for Nest Speed Weaponry – comes from the nickname “The Nest” Zipp engineers gave to the windowless, high-security advanced development lab in the corner of the Zipp factory. It’s where only the best fledgling ideas fly.

There’s little doubt that the NSW group has already nailed it with the 808 NSW has already claiming 1-2 spots at the UCI World Championship and 70.3-level triathlons months before they are available to consumers.

The new 808’s are wider, more aerodynamic and faster in every way due to some new technologies:

  • Cognition Hubset with Axial Clutch to reduce drag by disengaging the ratched mechanism when coasting
  • ImPress graphics technology does away with stickers
  • ABLC SawTooth dimple pattern
  • Showstopper brake track for all-weather braking performance
  • Available Dec 2015
  • MSRP: $1500 (front) and $1900 (rear)