Niner updates the RLT 9 and RLT 9 Steel with Thru-axles, fender mounts

Niner RLT 9 Al - 4-star Build

With all the axle “standards” flying around these days, it’s good that Niner is updating the RLT lineup to an already-accepted standard — 100×15 front and 142×12 rear. Until road bike manufacturers can get their crap together and agree on a standard, we can all appreciate Niner’s approach in both practicality and compatibility. Heck, you’ve already got compatible wheels for those standards and there is a veritable treasure trove of options available at a Google search.

So, here’s to Niner and here’s to their updated RLT aluminum and steel models with thru axles to make the chassis stiffer and more precise.

If you’re unfamiliar with the RLT series, it is Niner’s road/gravel/cross bike that could be your one-bike quiver for narrow tire pursuits. The geometry is well-suited for all disciplines, but lacks sharp, cyclocross-specific geometry (great for the 95% of us who only line up for an occasional CX race).

On top of thru axles, the new carbon fork on both models now has fender mounts — perfect for winter commuting or panniers. It’s safe to say that the RLT 9 should be on your list for a bike that can do everything you’d ever want to do on skinnies.

The RLT 9 is available in fourĀ builds from $2000 – $5500 and the RLT 9 Steel is also available in the same fourĀ builds from $2500 – $6000. Oh yeah, new colors are also a part of this release with these options for the aluminum model:

Niner RLT 9 Al - Dirty White Niner RLT 9 Al - Green

And these for the steel model:

Niner RLT 9 Steel - Dirty White Niner RLT 9 Steel - Forge Grey

This is a natural progression for Niner and the RLT and I expect these bikes to catch on due to their affordability and versatility.