New Ibis Ripley LS is Longer, Slacker

Ibis Ripley LS Orange

The Ibis Ripley is perhaps the finest DW-Link bike on the market. Riders everywhere rave at the smoothness of the dual eccentric pivots and the smooth, efficient nature of the bike. It’s one of those “believe it or not” moments at the intersection of efficiency and fun collide. For more of my thoughts on the original Ripley, you can read my review.

As I discovered, the Ripley isn’t just a great 120mm travel everyday bike, it can be pushed hard. With a 140mm RockShox PIKE, it simply devoured everything in sight. And, now, Ibis is taking that mountain-crushing capability to another level with the Ripley LS. With the new LS, you get a Ripley on steroids that’s built to tackle even the most demanding enduro courses.

Watch the Ripley stretch before your very eyes here:

Both the Ripley and Ripley LS benefit from improvements in cable routing, eccentric performance and increased tire clearance. Here are a few more highlights:

  • New Cable routing like the HD3
  • Increased tire clearance
  • Threaded bottom bracket
  • Seat mast lowered by 1/2″
  • Stiffer eccentric cores
  • New chainstay and seatstay protection
  • BOOST 148 available (Fall 2015)
  • Price: $2900 (frame) / $3950-$8600 complete