All-new Zipp Tangente Tires Focus on Rolling Resistance

Let’s talk tires. They are getting wider. And wider means improved grip on a variety of terrain. It also means increased comfort, but often that also means slower rolling (or so everyone thought).

As it turns out, modern tire compounds and even clincher designs have resulted in wider tires rolling even better than narrow ones. We’ve been regularly running 25mm tires for years and don’t see much of a reason to go back to 23mm — as long as your frame is compatible.

So, with that, Zipp introduces three new Tangente tires for 2015.

Tangente Course

Built for training, this clincher features a puncture protection belt with 120tpi casing to deliver a supple ride and low rolling resistance.

2015 Zipp Tangente Course Clincher Tires - 25mm and 23mm

  • 700×23 or 700×25
  • Kevlar bead
  • Clincher
  • Weight: 205g and 215g
  • Rubber/Nylon casing
  • Puncture protection
  • 120 tpi thread count
  • Price: $55

Tangente Speed

Designed for race day, these ultralight clincher tires feature a 220 tpi casing with thin sidewalls that deliver an excellent road feel and low rolling-resistance with improved road grip.

2015 Zipp Tangente Speed Clincher Tires - 25mm and 23mm

  • 700×23 or 700×25
  • Kevlar bead
  • Clincher
  • Weight: 180g and 190g
  • Rubber/Nylon casing
  • 220 tpi thread count
  • Price: $65

Tangente SLSpeed

These tubulars are built for race-day with 320 tpi cotton casing that delivers a supple ride and ultra-low rolling resistance. With that you get inspired road feel and unmatched grip while cornering.

2015 Zipp Tangente SLSpeed Tubulars - 24mm and 27mm

  • 700×24 or 700×27
  • Tubular
  • Weight: 265g and 275g
  • Cotton/Latex casing
  • Puncture protection
  • 320 tpi thread count
  • Price: $100

For the ultimate, integrated look, adding a set of Zipp Tangente tires to your Zipp wheels will do the trick. And, with the advancements for 2015, these tires might just be worth a look, regardless of your wheel of choice.