Giro Ups Protection Game, Introduces Three MIPS-equipped Helmets

2015 Giro Savant MIPS - Matte Black and White

I don’t subscribe to a race to the bottom when it comes to head protection. Yes, helmets should reduce weight, where possible. However, adding a few grams to potentially save your brain from traumatic injury is well worth the price of admission.

For 2015, several helmet manufacturers are either introducing or expanding their MIPS collections. After several years of testing, Giro engineers believe that MIPS does reduce rotational impacts and is making the technology available, initially on three models. Surprisingly, the most expensive of the three models will only be $110.

Learn more about the MIPS/Giro collaboration effort in the following video.

As mentioned, Giro is introducing three new models with MIPS for 2015, they are:

Feature/ Feather MIPS (MSRP $95) The Feature™ delivers a low-profile shape with more coverage than traditional XC helmets, plus channeled vents that radiate heat up and out when you’re climbing at lower speeds. A single-piece In-Mold shell enhances durability, yet keeps weight to a minimum, and our rugged In-Form fit system offers one-handed fit and stability adjustment. The Feather™ offers delivers the same functionality as part of our Women’s Series Collection.

2015 Giro Feature and Feather MIPS MTB Helmets

Savant/ Sonnet MIPS (MSRP $110) The Savant™ offers a slim design that combines impressive ventilation from 25 Wind Tunnel™ vents. This helmet benefits from the secure feel and convenience of the adjustable Roc Loc® 5 fit and stability system, and the lightweight and durability of In-Mold™ construction. The Sonnet™ offers delivers the same functionality as part of our Women’s Series Collection.

2015 Giro Savant & Sonnet MIPS Helmets

Sutton MIPS (MSRP $100) The Sutton™ is a low-profile design loaded with clever features like a detachable/integrated light clip, a soft leather visor, and reinforced vents that double as Lock Ports to help urban riders and commuters get more out of their ride.

2015 Giro Sutton MIPS Urban Helmet

The price-points offered here are outstanding for MIPS helmets. No longer will you need to shell out $200+ just to get a MIPS-equipped helmet. Riders of all disciplines should rejoice in the added protection.

Keep in mind that because the system is integrated into existing shell molds and takes up an extra bit of volume, you may need to size up.