2015 BMC GF01 Disc Blends Ride Quality and Efficiency

BMC GF01 Disc Dura Ace Di2

Let’s be honest with ourselves here. Yes, we all want to ride a full-bore race bike. They are sexy, light and all the pros are riding them. They ride them with slammed, negative rise stems in the most aero positions humanly possible. They do it to eke out every possible performance gain they can. Are you sure you want to put your body through that kind of torture?

Well, here’s your reality check: the BMC GF01 Disc. Built with the same Swiss precision as every carbon fiber BMC frame, but featuring TCC (Tuned Compliance Concept) to make for the most efficient yet compliant ride available.

The frame doesn’t sport any gimmicks or doodads to make it more compliant and comfortable — just optimized layup with pinpoint tube shape sizes and a layup schedule that maximizes the stiffness and vibration absorption qualities of carbon fiber. With clearance for up to 28mm tires, the GF01 is capable enough for everyday performance on rough roads and even gravel. If you’re looking for even greater tire clearance the GF02 Disc can clear 35mm tires.

For 2015, the GF01 Disc is offered in four flavors: Dura-Ace Di2, Ultegra Di2, Ultegra and 105. Each kit features a complete groupset (no cheating with off-brand cranks) for the ultimate in shifting performance and unified looks. And, each one uses hydraulic disc brakes with 140mm rotors.

2015 BMC GF01 Disc Features:

  • TCC frameset for efficiency and compliance
  • Integrated electronic or mechanical drivetrain capability
  • Disc brakes with 140mm rotors
  • Wide gear ratios throughout range (105 sports 11-32t cassette)
  • Clearance for 28mm tires
  • Full Shimano Dura-Ace, Ultegra or 105 groups
  • Weight: 15.8 – 18.5 lbs complete
  • Pricing: $3,699 – $10,999 USD

The Bottom Line

Don’t turn yourself into a pretzel to get top performance. Have a look at the full 2015 BMC GF01 Disc range and mix performance and comfort with the proper fit for an excellent all-day machine. I love that each bike in the range features full Shimano drivetrains and hydraulic discs. Start with the 105 and upgrade as budget allows or get the high-zoot Dura-Ace Di2 variant for the ultimate of everything.