2015 BH Lynx 6 27.5 Enduro Bike – Interbike 2014

2015 BH Bikes Lynx 6 27.5 Enduro Bike

Passing through the BH booth, there’s no question the excitement for this particular model. The 2015 Lynx 6 gets a complete re-design and goes¬†27.5.

The only real carryover from the previous Lynx was the utilization of Dave Weagle’s “other” suspension design, Split Pivot. The all-new Lynx 6 sports 6-inches of travel (hence the name) and is aimed squarely at the enduro/trail crowd. When it comes to licensing suspension designs, some bike manufacturers choose to merely license the technology and run with it. Others license the design and collaborate¬†with Dave Weagle every step of the way. BH chose to work with Mr Weagle throughout the entire process and the results, I’m told, speak for themselves.

I like that the bike accommodates a water bottle cage inside the front triangle — that’s not something you’ll find in competing enduro frames, but is nice for shorter rides (the kind most of us do).

Of course, the 27.5 wheels are also a big selling point of the new design as they aim to deliver Goldilocks performance on all terrain.

BH Lynx 6 Features:

  • Full carbon front and rear triangles
  • Internally-routed cables
  • Accommodates stealth dropper
  • 6-inches of travel via Split Pivot suspension
  • 142×12 mm rear asle
  • Direct-mount front derailleur
  • Pressfit 92 BB
  • 27.5 wheels
  • Price: $6999 (XT model, shown)

The Bottom Line

Working directly with Dave Weagle should pay off in the performance department as the Lynx 6 is slated to get some attention in the ever-crowded enduro market.