Specialized Fatboy Junior Lets the Groms Roll Big

Specialized Fatboy Junior

Initially, fat bikes were big, clunky snow-specific machines that took more muscle than finesse to make them respond. But, as they have improved with better, lightweight materials and refined geometries, they have become a viable option as a daily driver — well at least on paper, and according to fat bike die-hards.

Specialized is taking those innovations to the younger crowd with the new Fatboy Junior — available in both 20 and 24-inch variants. Now, the kids can enjoy gobs of traction with “roll over everything in sight” kind of vibe.

Thinking it through, kids can certainly benefit from much of what makes fatbikes so great: traction, forgiving ride and all-season fun. I can see my kids rolling around the beach on summer vacations and up snow-covered roads in the winter.

Specialized Fatboy Junior Features:

  • Available with 20 or 24-inch wheels
  • A1 Premium Aluminum frame and fork
  • Specialized Ground Control 4″ tires
  • 1×9 drivetrain
  • 4 color options to suit girls and boys tastes
  • Price: $1000

The Bottom Line

If your kids can rally on all terrain, the new Fatboy Junior should be a crowd pleaser. Hit the beach, the dirt or the snow on these capable, junior-specific fatbikes.