Orbea Orca is Completely New for 2015

2015 Orbea Orca M-LTDi

The venerable Orca is one of the legendary bikes of the peloton. For 2015, Orbea pulled out all the stops and completely re-made the Orca — losing some things that have been trademark for the Spanish brand. But, those losses look to be overwhelmingly superseded by the list of advancements.

2015 Orca Highlights:

  • 20% frame weight reduction on OMR-level frames (900 grams – 53cm)
  • 15% frame weight reduction on  OMP-level frames (1,230 grams to 1050 grams)
  • Refined molds to increase carbon compaction (lower weight, better frame consistencies)
  • Elimination of integrated seatpost clamp
  • Change to 27.2 round seatpost
  • Up to 24% increase in lateral stiffness (OMR models)
  • Magnet slots for popular power meters
  • Comfort is increased by a whopping 62% (2.8mm increase in saddle deflection)
  • Aerodynamic fork design
  • OMR complete bikes are priced from $4,999 to $11,999 and OMP bikes go for $2,799 to $4,999

The Bottom Line

In the hyper-competitive grand tour performance bike category, Orbea is coming to the party with a ton of confidence and panache to match. With significant weight reductions throughout and astounding improvements in comfort, the new Orca should be on your shortlist when shopping for a race-worthy all-rounder.