Loaded Goes Road with Napalm Carbon Road Bars

Loaded Napalm Carbon Road Bars

Loaded Precision has made a name for themselves blinging out mountain bikes everywhere. If you’re old enough to remember the anodized purple era¬†of mountain biking in the 1990’s, you’ll love going back to those days with any number of Loaded’s beautiful machined bits in a variety of anodized colors.

In today’s news, Loaded is branching out into skinny tires with a beautiful and ultralight set of carbon drop bars. These road bars feature a compact reach/drop of 78/125mm and will be available in standard 40/42/44 cm widths.

Loaded Napalm Road Bars Front

Loaded Napalm Road Bars Angle View

Claimed weight for the 40 cm Napalm Carbon’s is 190 grams. Comparing this to others on the market, it’s pretty darn light and on par with the lightest bars out there (3T Ergosum Limited is also 180 grams).

Napalm Road Bars Features:

  • UD nano infused carbon construction
  • Reach: 78mm
  • Drop: 125mm
  • Available in 40, 42 and 44 cm widths
  • Weight: 180 grams (40cm)
  • Price: $319.99

Being a compact shape, it’s also nice that the Napalm Carbon bars feature ergonomic tops with enough flat surface to rest those weary hands.

Construction utilizes a 1-piece, 1-pass layup technique utilizing high grade unidirectional nano-infused carbon.

Match it With the Napalm Carbon Stem

Loaded is also very proud of their Napalm Carbon Stem. Utilizing the same grade of unidirectional nano-infused carbon, the Napalm Carbon Stem also features titanium hardware and an aerodynamic face plate. Originally built for mountain biking, they are also recommending it with their new road bars.

Loaded Napalm Carbon Stem

It comes in with a standard 6-degree rise that’s reversible without going upside down. What’s more impressive is the lifetime warranty with a hunk of carbon weighing only 91 grams (90mm length).