2015 Cervelo RCA Superbike Gets Even More Super

2015 Cervelo RCA Frameset - The Super Duper Superbike

The Cervelo RCA is arguably the most drooled-over bike on the market today. Every millimeter of this frame is painstakingly crafted to eke out every bit of performance. Having recently ogled over the RCA of Tom Danielson, all we can say is this bike is beautiful in pictures but it is even more stunning in person.

For 2015, Cervelo is further refining this limited-edition frameset with a handful of updates:

  • Redesigned fork drops 35 g and is curved for refined ride
  • Refined layup schedule for added durability and performance
  • New minimal paint adds a touch of subtle color with red accents
  • 670 grams for 54cm frame
  • Price remains $10,000 for frame-only

2015 Cervelo RCA - Complete Build

If you demand the ultimate in lightweight performance and have deep pockets, the Cervelo RCA remains the frame of choice and Cervelo is obliged to sell them to you.