2015 Canyon Ultimate CF SL: An Awesome Bike You Can’t Have

2015 Canyon Ultimate CF SL 9.0 SL - Complete Bike with SRAM Force 22

German direct-to-consumer brand, Canyon, makes some of the sexiest bikes on the market (in our humble opinion). All that lust poses a problem for us here in the United States because we can’t have one. That’s right, Canyon does not do business here — for now.

While we can’t have one, there’s no harm in drooling because the Canyon Ultimate CF SL is definitely a drool-worthy bike. No, it’s not their top-end bike — that would be the Ultimate CF SLX — but, it’s a great bike at a reasonable price.

For 2015, the model we’d pick from the array of kits would be the Canyon Ultimate CF SL 9.0 SL with its SRAM Force 22 grouppo and its 14.99 lb fighting weight. At € 2599 ($3425 USD) the 9.0 SL is a spectacular bargain (again, why can’t we have one here in the States?) and surely offers performance on par with the best bikes in its class.

Canyon builds the CF SL with what they call Sport Pro Geometry, which should be suitable for most riders. And, they have an online fit system that attempts to get you the proper size. After doing it for myself, I’m a little suspect as it put me on their 53cm frame. I nearly always ride a 56, so I’d be suspect ordering one blind based on their recommendations.

As is usual, we always want what we can’t have. In this case, the Ultimate CF SL will remain an elusive target unless you have friends across the pond who can pick one up for you.