Salsa Bucksaw 1 Full Suspension Fatbike

Salsa Bucksaw 1 - Full Suspension Fatbike

As one of the original purveyors of fatbikes, Salsa knows a thing or two about these balloon-tired steeds. So, it makes sense that they would be one of the first to offer a full-suspension fatbike. The Salsa Bucksaw 1 represents the pinnacle of fatbike-ness and lays claim to the first production full-suspension fatbike on the market.

Built around the Dave Weagle’s Split Pivot suspension design, the Bucksaw 1 goes right for the jugular with a solid package that leaves no question where Salsa stands on fatbikes — they want them to be your ONLY bike. With a package like the Bucksaw 1, the price and the promised performance may just lay out a solid argument as the only MTB in your garage.

Featuring 3.8″ tires, the Bucksaw 1 offers wide enough girth to make for a versatile ride. All conditions and trails should prove no match for these tires, but they aren’t so big as to make things unwieldy in fast singletrack.┬áSurprisingly, this bike is┬ánot actually aimed at being a snow bike. While the wide tires will certainly be snow-capable, Salsa really hopes people will ride this bike year-round on any type of adventure they want.

Initial reports indicate that the Bucksaw 1 just might be one of the most capable ascenders on the market. With a huge contact patch and active suspension, cleaning that technical climb might finally be a reality.

I will say that getting the right tire pressure for the conditions is a challenge with all fatbikes and with the added complexity of getting shock pressures right, the proper setup could be challenging.

Salsa Bucksaw 1 Features:

  • Geometry built for all-day riding in rough terrain
  • Aluminum front triangle and chain stays with carbon seat stay
  • Split Pivot rear suspension
  • 100mm front and rear travel via RockShox Bluto and Monarch
  • Mix of SRAM X01 and X1 drivetrain
  • RockShox Reverb Stealth dropper post
  • Weight: 32 lbs 6 oz. (medium)
  • Price: $4999

Bucksaw Intro Video

The Bottom Line

As the first full-suspension fatbike on the market, the Salsa Bucksaw 1 is hoping to become your only mountain bike. The overall weight is competitive and the promise of sure-footed traction should appeal to many riders, but I’m not going to ditch the Santa Cruz Tallboy C anytime soon.