Ridley Noah SL Unveiled at Eurobike 2014

Ridley 2015 Noah SL Complete

Ridley is no stranger to the pro peloton, nor are they strangers to aero road bikes. For 2015, Ridley is introducing their all-new Noah SL aero road bike. With the goal of delivering the most advanced aerodynamics while still embracing the demands of both the professional rider and their mechanics, the Noah SL does away with aero-specific compromises — like funky brakes or funky mounting locations.

No, the Noah SL uses standard brake calipers mounted in the traditional locations (team mechanics can breathe a collective sigh of relief). Another great feature is the adjustable seatpost. For professional cyclists, adjusting the seat height is not something that’s done very often, but for everyone else, having an adjustable seatpost is a big deal — primarily should you ever sell your frameset.

2015 Ridley Noah SL Features:

  • F-Split fork design
  • In Mold F-Surface tube shapes for improved aerodynamics
  • Internal cable routing for mechanical or electronic drivetrains
  • Wheel cutouts
  • Accepts 25mm tires easily (some have said up to 28mm)
  • Available in four models

Class-leading Aerodynamics

The Noah SL utilizes Ridley’s patented F-Tubing for even better aerodynamics. This design uses a single leading channel near the front of the truncated NACA (3:1) teardrop tube shape. Just like dimples in golf balls or on Zipp’s fabled Firecrest wheels, that leading channel causes enough turbulence to make the air stay closer to the tubes for an average drag reduction of 7% over tubes without F-Tubing.

Ridley F-Tubing Aerodynamics