RaceFace Next SL Crankset is Versatile and Light

RaceFace Next SL Crankset

With the advent of 1×11 drivetrains, more and more people are thinking about their chainrings. Once something of an afterthought, people are spewing gear ratios and things like narrow/wide teeth are now part of the biking culture.

While SRAM will happily deliver a 1×11 crankset option with their XX1, X01 and X1 cranks and chainrings, many bike manufacturers like to mix things up with other industry-leading components. And, in this case, to get the lightest possible build, the RaceFace Next SL crankset is the best option.

Tipping the scales at a scant 425 grams (with single 28t direct mount ring), the Next SL is hundreds of grams lighter than the competition. But, as usual, you pay extra for the weight savings. At $499, the Next SL isn’t cheap and¬†does require the use of spacers when used with some bottom brackets.¬†Check out the compatibility chart.

Something I particularly love is the direct-mount Cinch System that not only adds versatility (in the odd chance you want to go back to 2x drivetrain), but ensures a direct connection between the chainring and the cranks. With this direct-mounted design, extra bolts are eliminated and all power is transferred immediately to chain. It’s a very slick design.

RaceFace Next SL Crankset Features:

  • Hollow carbon fiber arms
  • Cinch interface for ultimate chainring versatility
  • Interchangeable spiders or direct-mount 1x options
  • Features narrow/wide tooth pattern
  • Compatible with 9, 10 or 11-speed
  • Spindle Diameter: 30m
  • Minimum Weight: 425 grams (w/28t chainring)
  • Manufactured in Canada
  • Price: $499 and up

The Bottom Line

If the ultimate in lightweight is what you’re after, the RaceFace Next SL crankset delivers that and more. The versatility of the Cinch System makes this the last crankset you may ever buy.

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